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The secret I’m about to tell you has the power to vastly improve your tennis game very quickly. It will work for you no matter what style of game you play … baseliner, all-court, or serve-and-volley … It will work … Continue reading

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How To Erase The Hip Pain Caused By Sitting

Have you noticed that your hip muscles are getting tighter? Do you ever get sharp pains when you stand up from a chair? Or when you’re on the tennis court, and try moving side-to-side quickly? These symptoms are very common … Continue reading

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Why Tennis Is The Healthiest Sport When You’re Over 40

There are a lot of ways to stay in shape when you’re over 40. But based on some recent health research, tennis may just top the list. First of all, it gets you out in the sunshine in the spring, … Continue reading

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An Insider’s Look at Rafa Using Video to Improve His Serve

So much has been written about how Novak Djokovic dominated Nadal this year in tournament finals, including the U.S. Open. But it wasn’t just that Djokovic stepped in, opened up the court with short angles, and rifled backhand winners down … Continue reading

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Two Great Videos for Modeling Your Backhand and Serve

Hey, it’s not just us talking about video, folks. There’s a lot of great videos on other sites, too. Here’s a recent post from Brent Abel’s WebTennis which perfectly illustrates what we’ve been talking about. His post titled, “Stepping In … Continue reading

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