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An Insider’s Look at Rafa Using Video to Improve His Serve

So much has been written about how Novak Djokovic dominated Nadal this year in tournament finals, including the U.S. Open. But it wasn’t just that Djokovic stepped in, opened up the court with short angles, and rifled backhand winners down … Continue reading

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Two Great Videos for Modeling Your Backhand and Serve

Hey, it’s not just us talking about video, folks. There’s a lot of great videos on other sites, too. Here’s a recent post from Brent Abel’s WebTennis which perfectly illustrates what we’ve been talking about. His post titled, “Stepping In … Continue reading

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Anton’s Serve — Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference

Here we have a solid 4.0 player who was having trouble getting power and consistency on his serve. A side-by-side comparison with Roger Federer reveals 2-3 tiny mistakes Anton was making that robbed him of power and could be corrected … Continue reading

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Robert’s Serve — One Simple Change Revealed

Here’s an interesting example. This player is an accomplished nationally-ranked senior player. But he has a very unorthodox serve. He’d like more power and spin (who wouldn’t?). Now, anyone taking a look at his serve would simply say, “You need … Continue reading

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