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Ramping Up Your Fitness For An Upcoming Tournament

I’m fascinated by how competitive players get in shape ahead of a big tournament or the start of a new season. The pros, of course, have their own personal trainers, who design highly customized programs and push players beyond their … Continue reading

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Improve Your Forehand … And Lower Your Blood Pressure

What if there was a way to improve all your strokes – especially your volleys and groundstrokes – in as little as a few days? What if this simple trick could also help prevent tennis elbow? And … what if … Continue reading

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Why Tennis Is The Healthiest Sport When You’re Over 40

There are a lot of ways to stay in shape when you’re over 40. But based on some recent health research, tennis may just top the list. First of all, it gets you out in the sunshine in the spring, … Continue reading

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