Side-by-side comparison — the best way to improve

Here’s a cool side-by-side comparison of Novak Djokovic’s forehand with Roger Federer’s, courtesy of TennisOne.

This one’s using TennisOne’s Pro Comparison technology, which shows the pros’strokes in side-by-side slow-motion. You can also compare your strokes to these pros by uploading your videos to TennisOne’s Video Network (you have to join TennisOne though).

Imagine if you could take short clips of your own strokes and compare them easily to the top pros? Well you can. And the tips and small changes you can make to your own game will surprise you. That’s what the tennis video lessons on this site are all about.

By the way … if you want to get a quick overview of the best web sites for finding super slow motion video clips of the top players — beyond what you can simple get on YouTube — just ask for our Free Report in the top right hand corner.

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