How side-by-side video can uncover hidden flaws

Okay. So here’s what we’ve been talking about. In this example, we look at a very solid, 4.5 player who’s already hitting his two-hander well.

You know how hard it is to make any noticeable improvements at that level, right? But as this 3-minute video clip shows, we can quickly find 1-2 simple, achievable improvements to just about anyone’s game — in just minutes!

In this sequence, we really see the value of side-by-side video analysis. We’re able to zoom in and focus on one big difference in the follow-through of Ian’s two-handed backhand, versus Serena Williams’ backhand.

Ian does a lot of things right. But one little flaw is costing him a lot of power on his backhand side. The video reveals what that is.

By the way, this comparison video clip is courtesy of TennisOne, a great website with a massive library of videos, articles, tennis tips and more.

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