You don’t need fancy equipment for tennis video analysis

This is awesome. I just discovered that my ancient (5+ years old) digital camera takes video footage at 60 frames per second (fps)! That’s fast enough for slow motion analysis.

It’s an old Canon PowerShot SD 300 Digital Elph – 4 megapixel. (Thank you Maria Sharapova for endorsing Canon). I’ve been using it for years just to take still pictures of the family.

Take a look at this:

I was able to shoot the video. Grab a quick 18-second clip using the FREE video editing software we tell you about. Then import it using another Free software that slows it down as much I want, and saves it as an MP4 or AVI file. It even has special features that automatically “clean up” and sharpen the picture on your videos.

Now, I’m ready to compare it side-by-side with a top pro’s forehand and see the difference.

And I’m not a “techie” by any means (I leave that stuff to Glenn). Oh, and by the way. The whole proces – including downloading the 2 free software programs – took about 10 minutes. Without having to read any manuals or instructions. (But you DO have to know the right programs to use.)

This means YOU probably have all the equipment you need to do great side-by-side, slow motion video analyses of your tennis game and your friends’. Chances are you can use your existing digital camera (or video cam) and whatever computer you have now.

This isn’t rocket science folks! But wait ’til you see what you can do with the technology to improve your tennis game.

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