Yikes! A Kuerten-style backswing

Okay. Nothing against Gustavo Kuerten. After all, he did win 3 French Open titles.

But here I was thinking I was modelling my topspin backhand on Federer’s or Tommy Haas, and it turns out the reality was quite different. Have a look…

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This is such a perfect example of what side-by-side video comparison can do for your game. We all have mental images of how we think we’re hitting the ball. But nothing gives you the bare-bones truth like video. The camera doesn’t lie, as they say.

But here’s the best part. By using this new technology, you can quickly spot 1-2 really simple changes you can make to improve things. In a hurry.

That’s what I did, with Glenn’s helpful analysis here. One simple change. Tried it today and it worked immediately. That’s another key. You know you’re on the right track when something feels better right away. And works better. No frustration of change. Just instant improvement. Pure and simple.

Believe me, folks. This works. You’ll amaze yourself.

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