Robert’s Serve — One Simple Change Revealed

Here’s an interesting example. This player is an accomplished nationally-ranked senior player. But he has a very unorthodox serve. He’d like more power and spin (who wouldn’t?).

Now, anyone taking a look at his serve would simply say, “You need more arm bend, more of a back-scratch.” But by comparing his serve in slow motion with Andy Roddick’s, we quickly see one OTHER simple change he can make, to accomplish the same thing. More power. More snap. And this one simple change will probably be a whole lot easier for him to practice and adapt, too. Rather than re-vamping his entire service motion.

Take a look. You be the judge. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of his serve next to Andy Roddick’s.

In this side-by-side comparison, we see one simple difference between Robert’s serve and Andy Roddick’s. By making this one change, Robert has a chance to dramatically improve the power, consistency and spin on his serve.

By the way, this clip is courtesy of a YouTube channel, RoadLessTaken, available for free on the web. And analyzed using the free video software that we talk about in our Video Lessons (just sign up for free, for full access).

(Note: You need the latest version of Flash Player to see these videos. Upgrade FREE here.)

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