Here’s All You Need to Start Doing Video Tennis Analysis

A lot of folks like the idea of analyzing their tennis game using video. But then tell us, “I don’t have the money to buy a new camera or equipment right now.”

Well that’s okay. Because we’re willing to bet you already have enough tech stuff and tech savvy to get started. Without investing a dime. In fact, here’s all you really need to create some really effective videos, like the examples you see below.

1) A camera that can shoot short video clips at 30 fps (feet per second) or better. As you can see in the post below (“You don’t need fancy equipment…”), you can probably do that with your digital still camera! Most take pretty good videos now. You don’t even need a video cam.

2) A computer. It can be a PC or a Mac. A desktop or laptop. Even a clunky 4-5 year-old machine will do.

3) A source of slow motion video clips of the top pros. Here’s where it really helps to know where to look. And we spell it all out for you in Video Lessons 1-3, as well as your FREE Special Report, “Where to Find Great Slow Motion Video of the Top Players.”

You can get all this when you register for FREE.

4) Some new, but simple software. There’s FREE software that helps you edit video clips into short 10-20 second clips. They’re easier to use that way. (See Video Lessons 4-6).

And FREE software that lets you compare the video clip of your own strokes side-by-side with clips of the pros (See Video Lessons 7-8).

That’s it! Just looking at these simple videos will give you everything you need to get started doing some really professional-looking tennis video analyses. Complete with diagrams.

Your cost for all this? $0. 

Your satisfaction at seeing instant improvement in your forehand, backhand or serve? Priceless.

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One Response to Here’s All You Need to Start Doing Video Tennis Analysis

  1. Mostafa says:

    Hi Barnaby,
    That is a great idea to create such a website. I know some of these webcast programs have been around for a while, but you introducing more interactive program which is very useful.
    My suggestion is that would be good if you can add more weekly video analyses of different tennis shots and strategies; and also bring tennis news and local tournaments to your website.

    All the best,

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