Two Great Videos for Modeling Your Backhand and Serve

Hey, it’s not just us talking about video, folks. There’s a lot of great videos on other sites, too.

Here’s a recent post from Brent Abel’s WebTennis which perfectly illustrates what we’ve been talking about. His post titled, “Stepping In To The Backhand & And A Drop Dead Gorgeous Service Motion” are two beautiful examples of what you can learn from video.

Video lets you look at the “best practices” or best form of great players on the tour and copy or model their  game – to the extent that it applies to yours. But that’s only the beginning…

… because when you add the extra element of side-by-side comparison with a video of your own strokes, it really opens up your eyes. You can do that quite easily with the free software tools we talk about in our lessons.

Anyway, check out this post from Brent on stepping into the two-handed backhand and the cleanest service motion you’ll ever want to copy.

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