The secret I’m about to tell you has the power to vastly improve your tennis game very quickly.

It will work for you no matter what style of game you play … baseliner, all-court, or serve-and-volley …

It will work for you whether you’re a man or a woman … play singles or doubles …

It will work for you even if your strokes are airtight, your footwork makes a dancer jealous, and you are physically ready to run a 10K.

And it’ll do all this for roughly the cost of a single lesson with teaching pro.

So what is this miracle?

Seeing yourself play on the court.

It’s something most people think is a luxury … something reserved for those few times you visit a tennis resort or a high-end tennis program. But it’s really much easier and cheaper than you think.

There’s a simple, low-cost way of recording your matches using the same digital camera or camcorder you probably have for taking family pictures.

The secret is to use a special camera mount that hangs on the fence behind the court, at the perfect height and position to record both sides of the court. You simply attach your camera to this mount, set the camera to video, use the telescoping pole that’s attached, and hang it on top of the fence or the windscreen. Heck, you can even hang it from outside of the court, without setting foot inside, if you’re recording someone else’s match (hey, you wouldn’t be scouting out the competition, would you?)

I guarantee you one thing. You will be SHOCKED at what you see. All of us have a mental image of how we think we hit the ball, maybe from practicing our tennis swing in front of the mirror or from a window reflection. But it’s nothing like what you see in a real-world match or while actually hitting the ball.

Let’s face it. You watch tennis on TV. You’ve got a great mental image of how the pros play. So the difference in what you could be doing and aren’t doing will become glaringly clear.

If you have a shot that’s giving you trouble, I recommend that you video that shot in action. Then compare it to footage online of a top pro hitting the same shot. There are plenty of free examples on YouTube, for instance, without getting into the subscription-based tennis video services.

If you want to improve your match play, then try recording some of your matches and analyzing them afterwards.  I’m sure you’ll spot 2-3 important changes that you can make to improve, and work on those in practice.

The key is having a way to use your camera on court, without interfering with play. One of the best ways I found is the Volleycam:

You can use their $75 telescoping mount and your own camera. Or you can opt for a complete system, for your club or team or split the cost with a bunch of friends who want to improve their games, too.

Let me know your reaction to seeing yourself in action, and whether it helped you make a major difference in your game.

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