Video Lesson 9

Hi [wlm_firstname],

This video lesson is a bit longer than our other video lessons (19 minutes). But it’s worth watching once you’re familiar with Kinovea. It shows you some advanced things you can do with Kinovea.

Kinovea, as you remember, is the great FREE software that lets you compare your strokes side-by-side with the top pros. The video we use here of Roger Federer, for instance, is courtesy John Yandell’s website,, one of the very best sites on the net for slow motion video of the top pros.

Once you’ve watched this video lesson, you’ll be a Kinovea Ninja. You’ll know how to…

- Vary the playback speed of video clips

- Create a “working zone” of a video clip, in Kinovea, so you can isolate one stroke to compare with a top pros’ shot.

- Use the Kinovea “pencil tool” to create diagrams on your videos for instructional purposes.

- Use Kinovea’s TEXT tool to write notes to yourself or students to point out a particular thing.

- Take a quick “snapshot” of the video comparison, so you can email it people as a .jpg picture.

- Use the “circle” tool to isolate a particular thing you want to compare.

- Superimpose one player over another, to see the differences.

- And finally, save your complete Kinovea video in various formats, for playback later by your friends or students.

(Note: You need the latest version of Flash Player to see these videos. Upgrade FREE here.)

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