Video Lesson 10

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In this lesson, we’re going to get a look at difference that shooting video at different “frame rates” makes.

Frame rate just means how many frames per second that your video or digital camera can shoot. More frames per second means there’s less movement (slower motion). It also means you can get more detail from each video clip.

This Video Lesson will show you a comparison of 30 frames per second (30 fps). That’s about what most digital still cameras will shoot. Then we’ll go all the way up to 240 frames per second, which is really good slow motion. Many affordable cameras today, including the Casio series, can shoot at 240 fps.

You’ll see the advantage of using newer cameras that shoot at faster speeds. You’ll see much more detail, and can break down each portion of a fast stroke, such as the serve, much easier. A faster frame rate can also remove the blurriness when a player makes contact with the tennis ball.

Have a look at this:

As always, we welcome your comments after watching this video. Or any other comments and suggestions you might have about video tennis analysis and improvement. Just add your comments below.


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