TennisAndHealth.com is brought to you by two lifelong tennis players and fans:

Glenn Sheiner M.D., also known as the “tennis doctor” to his friends and is author of the bestselling online guide, Insider Tennis Strategies, Killer Tennis Tips and Tactics to Help You Win Right Now. It’s a perfect guide for the intermediate or club player who wants to take his or her game to the next level without changing a single stroke. Glen has also published the world’s top tennis humor screensaver, Tennis Cartoon Screensaver. You can download a trial version for FREE.

Glen has been fascinated by the game of tennis for over 30 years and loves to explore the subtleties of the game both tactically and technically. Plus – he loves to get out and play! “There’s no better stress relief than going out to the courts and ripping some groundies!”


Barnaby Kalan, who has been playing tennis since age 7. He was a ranked junior player in New England, captain of his high school tennis team which won both state and New England championships. Captain of the University of Massachusetts varsity tennis team that finished 6th in New England in his senior year. Barnaby has also taught tennis professionally in the Boston area and New York areas, and he continues to be a ranked senior competitor in his age group at the provincial, national, and international levels.

His fondest tennis memories include being a member of London’s Queen’s Club as a teenager, where he was able to stand at the side of the court and watch the greatest players of the early Open Era play and practice – including Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Tony Roche, Arthur Ashe, Roy Emerson, and many others. It was a great time to be a passionate fan of tennis.

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    Great looking Team,
    Great product idea,

    I truly believe this is what the tennis market needs,

    Wishing you both success,

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