The secret I’m about to tell you has the power to vastly improve your tennis game very quickly.

It will work for you no matter what style of game you play … baseliner, all-court, or serve-and-volley …

It will work for you whether you’re a man or a woman … play singles or doubles …

It will work for you even if your strokes are airtight, your footwork makes a dancer jealous, and you are physically ready to run a 10K.

And it’ll do all this for roughly the cost of a single lesson with teaching pro.

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How To Erase The Hip Pain Caused By Sitting

Have you noticed that your hip muscles are getting tighter? Do you ever get sharp pains when you stand up from a chair? Or when you’re on the tennis court, and try moving side-to-side quickly?

These symptoms are very common today because we spend so much time sitting, either in front of a computer or some other screen.

Did you know that some doctors now think prolonged periods of sitting can be as bad for your health as smoking?

Sitting for long periods of time wrecks your body. Your calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute. Enzymes that break down fat drop 90%. Insulin effectiveness drops, raising your risk of diabetes, according to doctors in the UK.

Even if you exercise for 30 minutes a day, but sit for the rest of the day, sitting erases many of the benefits of all that exercise.

Sitting also wrecks your hip muscles. In addition to the sharp pains, sitting can gradually tighten up your hip muscles and prevent you from being able to push off quickly and get to a wide tennis shot in time. In other words, you’re losing a step on the court.

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Why Tennis Is The Healthiest Sport When You’re Over 40

There are a lot of ways to stay in shape when you’re over 40. But based on some recent health research, tennis may just top the list.

First of all, it gets you out in the sunshine in the spring, summer and fall. And in moderation, that sunshine can trigger the production of vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin.”

As you may know, studies have shown that vitamin D can help strengthen your bones, positively impact your heart health and cholesterol, and may play a role in regulating your blood sugar and preventing diabetes. Vitamin D can also help strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation throughout your body.

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An Insider’s Look at Rafa Using Video to Improve His Serve

So much has been written about how Novak Djokovic dominated Nadal this year in tournament finals, including the U.S. Open. But it wasn’t just that Djokovic stepped in, opened up the court with short angles, and rifled backhand winners down the sideline.

There was a hidden problem with Nadal’s serve, as well. Nadal actually lost roughly 19 mph of serving speed since his spectacular serving during the 2010 US Open, where he was averaging an astonishing 126 mph when he took the championship.

This setback has now been nicely documented by Tom Allsopp, founder of, with a really cool posting that shows how a little-known Spanish coach named Oscar Borras was instrumental in improving Nadal’s serve in 2010. This video shows Oscar working with Nadal, and a reluctant coach, Uncle Toni.

It’s a must-see video for anyone struggling to improve their serve. Borras’ breaks down the stages of Nadal’s serve into the very basics. Something we all should do. Plus, you’ll see Borras, Nadal and coach Toni watching videos of Nadal’s serve later on their own laptop. Sound familiar?

Of course, like all of us, Nadal may have slipped back into bad habits in 2011, because his average serve speed dropped by that 19 mph year over year. And that means he couldn’t serve his way out of trouble nearly as much this past season.

It’s eye-opening stuff. Check it out at at

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Two Great Videos for Modeling Your Backhand and Serve

Hey, it’s not just us talking about video, folks. There’s a lot of great videos on other sites, too.

Here’s a recent post from Brent Abel’s WebTennis which perfectly illustrates what we’ve been talking about. His post titled, “Stepping In To The Backhand & And A Drop Dead Gorgeous Service Motion” are two beautiful examples of what you can learn from video.

Video lets you look at the “best practices” or best form of great players on the tour and copy or model their  game – to the extent that it applies to yours. But that’s only the beginning…

… because when you add the extra element of side-by-side comparison with a video of your own strokes, it really opens up your eyes. You can do that quite easily with the free software tools we talk about in our lessons.

Anyway, check out this post from Brent on stepping into the two-handed backhand and the cleanest service motion you’ll ever want to copy.

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