Anton’s Serve — Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference

Here we have a solid 4.0 player who was having trouble getting power and consistency on his serve. A side-by-side comparison with Roger Federer reveals 2-3 tiny mistakes Anton was making that robbed him of power and could be corrected easily. Continue reading

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Here’s All You Need to Start Doing Video Tennis Analysis

A lot of folks like the idea of analyzing their tennis game using video. But then tell us, “I don’t have the money to buy a new camera or equipment right now.”

Well that’s okay. Because we’re willing to bet you already have enough tech stuff and tech savvy to get started. Without investing a dime. In fact, here’s all you really need to create some really effective videos, like the examples you see below.

1) A camera that can shoot short video clips at 30 fps (feet per second) or better. As you can see in the post below (“You don’t need fancy equipment…”), you can probably do that with your digital still camera! Most take pretty good videos now. You don’t even need a video cam. Continue reading

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Robert’s Serve — One Simple Change Revealed

Here’s an interesting example. This player is an accomplished nationally-ranked senior player. But he has a very unorthodox serve. He’d like more power and spin (who wouldn’t?).

Now, anyone taking a look at his serve would simply say, “You need more arm bend, more of a back-scratch.” But by comparing his serve in slow motion with Andy Roddick’s, we quickly see one OTHER simple change he can make, to accomplish the same thing. More power. More snap. And this one simple change will probably be a whole lot easier for him to practice and adapt, too. Rather than re-vamping his entire service motion.

Take a look. You be the judge. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of his serve next to Andy Roddick’s. Continue reading

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Yikes! A Kuerten-style backswing

Okay. Nothing against Gustavo Kuerten. After all, he did win 3 French Open titles.

But here I was thinking I was modelling my topspin backhand on Federer’s or Tommy Haas, and it turns out the reality was quite different. Have a look… Continue reading

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You don’t need fancy equipment for tennis video analysis

This is awesome. I just discovered that my ancient (5+ years old) digital camera takes video footage at 60 frames per second (fps)! That’s fast enough for slow motion analysis.

It’s an old Canon PowerShot SD 300 Digital Elph – 4 megapixel. (Thank you Maria Sharapova for endorsing Canon). I’ve been using it for years just to take still pictures of the family.

Take a look at this: Continue reading

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